Visual Studio Code Enable Line Wrapping

This guide will show you how to enable line wrapping in Visual Studio Code. This is extremely helpful when you want to see all of the code in your document. Alternatively, you might not use line wrapping if you do not want to see all of the long lines of code that can take up unnecessary space. Especially if not relevant to what you are working on!

As you can see in the example below, the code is very long and we can not see all of the HTML.

Visual Studio Code - No Line Wrap

First we will select File in the main menu, then navigate to Preferences > Settings.

Visual Studio Code - File - Preferences - Settings

On the left hand side make sure you are in the user tab. You will also see that Commonly Used is highlighted.

Head to the Word Wrap setting and turn it to On. If Word Wrap was not in your Commonly Used section you can search for it in the search bar.

Visual Studio Code - Editor Word Wrap On

Now that the word wrap is on we can see that the really long line of HTML that was previously not showing everything has now wrapped to the lines below. If you look closely you will also notice that the line numbers are 98, then , , 99 . When we see the empty line number it means that it is a continuation of the line above it.

Visual Studio Code - Line Wrapping

As you can see it was easy to enable line wrapping in Visual Studio Code. Do you prefer having line wrapping on? Start the conversation below!

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6 thoughts on “Visual Studio Code Enable Line Wrapping”

  1. Thx, it’s what I’ve looked for

    • Awesome! Glad this article was able to help you!

  2. hello Digi i have a problem because I don’t notice any change

    • Did you have any lines of text that are really long? Could you describe the problem a bit more? Maybe I can help.

  3. Oh Boi, Microsoft sure did hide that somewhere deep. Having to Alt + Z everytime I closed and reopened a file was driving me nuts.

    Thanks for pointing me to the obvious searchbar 😀

    • Glad it was helpful. That’s why I write the easy ones sometimes. Because it’s easy once you know where to look ha


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