Show File Extensions | Windows File Explorer | Windows 10

In this guide I will show you how to show or hide the file extensions on Windows 10 file explorer. If you deal with a lot of different file types, this is very helpful to have enabled. As you can see in this guide it is easy to toggle on and off when needed as well.

Looking at the image below we do not have insight to what type of movie files these are. Pardon my spelling :). Lets change that in the steps below so we can easily see the file type via the extension.

File Explorer - No File Extensions

First, if you cannot see the top ribbon that shows the option of each tab we want to expand it. Go to the top right of your explorer window and click on the down arrow to expand the ribbon.

File Explorer - Expand the Ribbon

Next, in the top menu bar, you want to make sure the view tab is selected.

File Explorer - View Tab

Now make sure to check the File name extensions option in the Show/hide section.

File Explorer - File Name Extensions Options

Now when you look at the file names you will see the file extensions. For me we can easily see that my files are in the .mov format.

File Explorer - File Names Extensions Showing

Wrap Up

As you can see it was easy to show file extensions in file explorer on Windows 10. Do you prefer seeing the extension? Drop a comment below of your preference to get the conversation started!

Wrap up

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