Safari Prevent iTunes From Opening After Music Download

In this guide I will show you how to prevent iTunes from opening up automatically after downloading an audio file in Safari. For me this is really annoying and disrupts my workflow having to close iTunes and stop the music after each download. Often times I will look for the music I am going to use in my videos and download many in one session. Sarting and stopping the music is a real bummer on each download.

First we want to make sure that you have Safari open and active on your mac. Next go to the top menu bar and select Safari > Preferences.

Safari Menu - Preferences

Once the preferences options show up, make sure you are on the General tab. You can see the square outline on the left below.

Safari Preferences - General Tab

Look towards the bottom of the options and you will see Open "safe" files after downloading . In the screenshot below you can see this option is checked. This means that when you download a “safe” file that it will automatically open. This could also be videos, text files, etc.

Simply uncheck the box and the files will no longer open when the download finishes. As you can see it was easy to prevent safari from opening iTunes after downloading an audio file. Do you prefer to have this enabled or disabled? Leave a comment below to get the conversation going!

Safari Preferences - Open Safe Files After Download Not Selected

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