Safari Change Download Folder – Quick and Easy

This guide will show you how to change the default download folder in Safari. This can be really helpful depending on your workflow. Personally on my test machines I like to have everything download to my desktop so that all the files are quick and easy to access. As you will see in this article, this option is easy to change and can be done regularly if needed. Lets get started!

To start, make sure Safari is open and the active window on your Mac. In the top menu click on Safari then the Preferences option. You could also us the shortcut + ,.

Safari - Preferences Menu

In the top left make sure you are on the General tab. Then navigate to the File Download Location option towards the bottom. Select the arrows so that the drop down appears and choose the Other... option.

Safari change default download folder

From here you can choose the new folder that you would like your downloads to go to by default. For me I was able to select my Desktop from my favorites on the left hand side. Once happy with your selection, click the select button.

Safari - Select new download folder

Now you have chosen your new default download location. To confirm look at the File Download Location one more time and you should see that it is showing the folder that you selected in the previous step. For me, that is my Desktop folder.

Safari - New download folder selected

As you can see it was easy to change the default download folder in Safari. Where do you prefer to keep your downloads and why? Leave a comment down below and you might help someone improve their workflow!

Wrap up

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