Notepad++ Turn off Auto-Completion

In this guide, I will show you how to turn off auto-completion in Notepad++. This can be toggled on and off quite easily. For me, I prefer to have this off. I am usually manipulating weird text documents or JSON files while using Notepad++ so the suggestions are not helpful for me.

You can see in the example below when it type di it starts to suggest words like diam or dui. By turning the auto-completion feature off, we will no longer see this dropdown while typing.

Notepad++ Autocompletion on

First, head to the top menu and select Settings -> Preferences...

Notepad++ - Settings - Preferences

Once the preferences window appears you are going to select Auto-Completion on the left hand menu.

Notepad++ - Preferences - Auto-Completion

Once the appropriate settings have loaded on the right-hand side, we can now uncheck the Enable auto-completion on each input. You can see that there are three sub-options to choose from as well.

  • Function completion – This will only try to auto-complete functions. (If you don’t know what a function is, this option won’t be for you. It is something used in the coding world)
  • Word completion – This will only try to complete words, like the example we started with in this article.
  • Function and word completion – This will enable the auto-complete for both functions and words as described above.
Notepad++ - Enable auto-completion on each input off

Once you have selected the desired options exit the settings to see them working in Notepad++. In this example, we removed all the auto-completion options. As I type di in the text below, we can see that it no longer has auto-completion suggestions.

Notepad++ Autocompletion off

Wrap Up

As you can see it was easy to turn off auto-completion in Notepad++. What do you prefer using for this setting and why? Drop a comment down below to get the conversation started.

Wrap up

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