Notepad++ Tail Documents (Quick and Easy)

This guide will show you how to easily tail documents in Notepad++. This is helpful when you want to see when a document changes in real time. An example of this could be when a log file changes.

To enable Tail -f or Monitoring of the document, simply click on the Eyeball just below the main menu. As you can see when you hover over this it says Monitoring (tail-f) .

Notepad++ - Tail Document - Eyeball Icon

Once this is enabled the document should update in real-time with any changes that are made. I use this fairly often when developing and needing to look at log files to find bugs in my code (sad face).

As you can see it was easy to tail documents in Notepad++. How do you like using the tail / monitoring feature? Drop a comment below to get the conversation started. Never know when your insight will help make someone else’s day better!

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  1. Thanks a Lot. I was looking for that feature and i didn’t know that notepad++ had included inside

    • No problem! I was super happy when I found it as well. Nice feature to have.

  2. I am going to take great joy in showing this one off in front of my team! Thanks!

    • Awesome! I am glad this was helpful for you!

  3. muy buen material m
    Muchas Gracias!!


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