Notepad++ Remove Blank Lines | Quick & Easy

This guide will show you how to easily remove blank lines in Notepad++. We are lucky to have this functionality built right into the program. It is sure to save many people the time and frustration of doing this type of task manually.

Before I jump into the article, I want to mention how well Notepad++ has been made. Notepad++ has a simple appearance and is feature-packed. It takes simplicity to the next level. Without all the features getting in the way of the simple tasks trying to be done in the text editor on a regular basis. But, when you need it, Notepad++ is there waiting to do some heavy lifting for you and make life easy.

As you can see in the example below we have a lot of empty lines in our example document. Our goal is to remove them so we have each letter of the alphabet on its own line, without spaces in between. Keep in mind that this is a very simple example. What kind of documents are you trying to remove empty lines from? Leave a comment down below.

Notepad++ with extra blank lines

Start by placing the text you want to remove the empty lines from in Notepad++. Then go to the main menu and select Edit > Line Operations > Remove Empty Lines.

Notepad++ - Edit - Line Operations - Remove Empty Lines

Wow, that was simple! As a result, I see the empty lines removed from the document. There are no longer any empty lines in between the letters of the alphabet. I use this feature all the time. For example, in the software engineering space, I get a lot of weirdly formatted documents as requirements for text to be placed on websites.

Notepad++ Blanks Lines Removed

Wrap Up

As you can see it is REALLY easy to remove blank lines in Notepad++. What is one of your favorite shortcuts or tools in Notepad++? Drop a comment below to get the conversation started.

Wrap up

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