Notepad++ Invert case

In this article I will show you how to convert your selected text to invert case using Notepad++. There are many ways that you can convert text to camel case, but if you have Notepad++ available on your computer, this will be quick and easy.

  1. Select the text you want to invert case case.
    Notepad++ Invert Case - Text Selected
  2. Click Edit > Convert Case to > iNVERT cASE. (There is no keyboard shortcut for this conversion)
    Notepad++ Invert Case - Menu Selection
  3. You should now see the selected text is inverted!
    Notepad++ Invert Case - Case Inverted

This also works if you only want it to apply to a certain piece of text. Change Step #1 to only highlight the text in Notepad++ that you would like to invert the case.

If we want, there are also many online resources that will allow us to invert the case. I recommend that you are careful with these tools. If you are handling sensitive information it is possible that these online tools may collect your data. This mean they can now see and store this information.

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