Notepad++ Get File Summary (Quick and Easy)

This guide will show you how to get a summary of the file you have open in Notepad++. The information this will provide includes, when it was created, last modified, the full file path, characters, words, lines, document length, and how many characters you have selected. This is really helpful when you are looking for some basic information like this.

The first thing we need to do is going in to the View section on the main menu. From there we will click on the Summary... option.

Notepad++ - View - Summary

Once Summary... is clicked, it will open up a message box with the following details about the file you have open in the active tab.

- Full File Path
- Created Date
- Last Modified Date
- Characters (without line endings)
- Words
- Lines
- Document Length
- Selected characters
Notepad++ - Summary

As you can see it was really easy to get a file summary in Notepad++. What kind of information of information do you like to know about the files you are working on. Leave a comment below to help give other people ideas, or ask a question to get the conversation started!

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