Notepad++ Document Minimap | No Plugins Required

In this guide I will show you how to enable the document minimap feature in Notepad++. This is an extremely helpful feature when you are working in long documents and can visually find the where abouts of where you are looking to navigate to.

Enabling Minimap

In order to enable the document minimap we will go to View > Document Map from the main menu.

Notepad++ - View - Document Map

As you can see in the image below the document minimap is now open on the right hand side of the notepad++ screen. Wasn’t that easy?

Notepad++ Document Minimap

A Main Feature

A main feature of the minimap to call out is that highlighting in the right hand pane. You can see that there is a section of the map that is almost a brownish color. This highlighted area is the representation of the area we are currently looking at in the main text editor pane.

Notepad++ Visual Highlight Document Minimap

Closing Document Minimap

To close the document map, you need to click on the x in the top right of the minimap. You can see it in the image below. Once you hit the x the minimap will go away.

Notepad++ Close Document Minimap

Wrap Up

As you can see it was easy to enable or disable the document minimap in notepad++. For me, I like to keep it open while I am coding, and closed while writing normal text. Why do you like using the minimap? Leave a comment below to get the conversation started.

Wrap up

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