Notepad++ Disable Updates – Quick and Easy

This guide will show you how to disable updates in Notepad++. Typically, this is not something that I recommend. Without the latest updates, you will miss out on the latest features and most importantly security patches. This can put your commuter at risk to hackers.

For me, disabling the updates is something that I do all the time on Notepad++. Mainly I do this on my test machines. I am always rolling them back to a set state then running my tests. On these machines I often have to look at logs files, and its really annoying each time I open notepad++ that it asked to be updated. Even if I were to update, then next time I roll back my machine, that update would be lost and it would ask to update again. Since security and features are not a concern for me, this is why I choose to disable my updates.

To start, make sure Notepad++ is open and select Settings > Preferences on the top menu.

Notepad++ - Settings Menu

On the windows that pops up, look at the menu on the left hand side and select the MISC. option.

Notepad++ - Preferences Menu - Misc Selected

On the right hand side look for the Enable Notepad++ auto-updater option. I notice this is usually selected by default. Go ahead, uncheck that box and click the Close button at the bottom.

Notepad++ - Disable Updates

As you can see it was easy to disable the auto updates on Notepad++. You can use these same steps to turn them back on if that is something that you need to do. What are some of the reasons that you disable updates? Leave a comment bellow and maybe you will help someone else learn something new or improve their workflow!

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