Notepad++ Change Text Size / Zoom

In this article I will show you how to change the text size using Notepad++. Keep in mind that changing the text size is only a visual for while you are editing. You are not able to change the text size however you want like you are able to in other text editing programs.

There are three ways that we are able to do this. They will all achieve the same results and be up to your preference to change the Zoom Size.

Option 1: Just below the menu options row towards the middle, you will see some plus and minus icons. Clicking these respectively will zoom in or out on the text. From a GUI perspective this is probably the Quickest Option.
Notepad++ Change Text Size - Zoom Icons

Option 2: Using the keyboard shortcut paired with the mouse is fastest if you are looking to increase or decrease the text size using keyboard shortcut. Simply hit “CTRL” and scroll the mouse wheel up to make the text bigger. To make the text smaller hit “CTRL” and scroll the mouse wheel down.

Option 3: This will be achieved by using the menu bar. Click on View > Zoom, then Zoom In or Zoom Out respectively.
Notepad++ Change Text Size - Menu Options

As we can see by the three options above, it is easy to change the text size in Notepad++. If you were hoping to change the text size by selection, trying to format your document, I hate to break the news to you. This is not possible. While Notepad++ is a very powerful text editor, there are some things it just won’t do.

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