Notepad++ Base64 Decode

In this article I will show you how to Base64 decode data using Notepad++. We see Base64 heavily used on the internet as a means of transferring data. We also might see it used to obfuscate data, but PLEASE do not use this as a “secure encryption”. As we will see in this article it is very easy to encode and decode the data!

If you would like to use an online tool to achieve the same results it can be done here: Base64 Decode. (This site is developed by myself)

  1. First we will need to make sure we have the data inside Notepad++. Copy the data into Notepad++
    Notepad++ Encoded Data in editor
  2. Highlight the data that you want to Base64 decode
    Notepad++ Highlight data to decode
  3. On the Notepad++ menu select “Plugins” > “MIME Tools” > “Base64 Decode”
    Notepad++ Menu Options - Plugins - MIME Tools - Base64 Decode
  4. You should now see the clear text value of your Base64 encoded data!
    Notepad++ Base64 Decoded Results

Note: The “Mime Tools” plugin should be installed by default.

If we want, there are also many online resources that will allow us to Encode and Decode the data for us. I recommend that you are careful with these tools. If you are encoding or decoding sensitive information it is possible that these online tools may collect your data. This mean they can now see and store this information.

Let me know in the comments below how you are using Base64. If you would like to suggest a new article or video to be released, please reach out via the Contact Page.

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