Microsoft Edge – Turn on Dark Mode (Easy)

This guide will show you how to turn on dark mode in Microsoft Edge. This is a quick and easy item to change on your browser. Dark mode has been a trend lately that many users are switching too. For me, I’m all aboard on that trend, I feel it is easier on my eyes as it is not as bright and in your face while working on the screen for extended periods of time.

To start we need to select the ... on the right hand side of the browser. Once that opens up, navigate towards the bottom and select the Settings option.

Microsoft Edge - Tripple Dot - Settings

Once the next menu appears you should be in the General settings section. If not, you can select the gear icon on the left hand side that has a blue vertical line by it in the image below. Under the Customize sub-heading, look for Choose a theme. From here you have the option to change it to Light or Dark. We will select Dark.

Microsoft Edge - General Settings - Choose Theme

Now that the Dark theme has been selected, you should see your browser color change to a dark black and gray combination.

Microsoft Edge - Dark Mode

As you can see it was easy to change Microsoft Edge to dark mode. You can use these same instructions to switch it back to Light mode if you do not like the theme. What theme do you prefer and why? Comment below to get the conversation started!

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