How to Uninstall SwitchResX on Mac

In this guide I will show you how to uninstall SwitchResX on your Mac. This uninstall process does not follow standard procedures. I tried using this software to get an ultra-wide resolution out of my mac air. Unfortunately I was not able to get it to work. I’m not sure if it was user error or software but ultimately led to uninstalling the software.


First we need to go to the Apple Icon in the top left of the screen, then select the System Preferences option.

Apple Menu - System Preferences

Once the Preferences open up click on the SwitchResX option.

SwitchResX - Preference Option


After a few seconds this should open up the SwitchResX preferences. With the preferences as the active window go to the top menu and select SwitchResX Control then Uninstall SwitchResX...

SwitchResX Controll - Remove SwitchResX

A dialog box will come up asking you to confirm uninstalling SwitchResX. Click Yes to proceed with the uninstall.

SwitchResX - Confirm Uninstall

Once you select Yes you will get a prompt asking to let SwitchResX makes changes to the system. We need to input our username and password so that SwitchResX can take control and uninstall itself.

SwitchResX - Confirm Changes

Once the uninstall completes, you will get a dialog box like below confirming it has been uninstalled. We still need to do one more thing to clean up.

SwitchResX - Uninstall Confirmation


You will most likely be left at this Preferences window for SwitchResX. Click the back button that is pointed out by the red arrow below.

SwitchResX - Back Button

Now look for the SwitchResX icon and right click (or two finger click) and select Remove "SwitchResX" Preference Pane. At this point you have now successfully uninstalled SwitchResX. If these instructions worked for you or need to make a modification, please drop a comment below to help future readers!

SwitchResX - Right Click Remove

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