How to blur background in zoom

In this guide, I will show you how to quickly blur the background in your Zoom meeting. This is very easy to set as a default setting or change on the fly while in the meeting. It is common for people to blur their backgrounds. Maybe because of the mess in the background or to keep the privacy of their personal space.

Change Setting by Default

To change the default behavior of the background blur start by going to Zoom settings. You can do this by logging into your Zoom desktop application. Then click on your profile picture in the top right and select settings.

Select the Background & Effects option on the left-hand menu on the window pane that opens up. You can see in the screenshot below that Virtual Backgrounds is selected with the None option. Looking at the webcam preview confirms this since my background is not blurred.

Zoom - Non Blurred Background

Now if we select the Blur option we can see that the background of my webcam is blurred. This setting is saved as you make it. As a result, if you are happy, you can simply close the settings window and the blurred background will be the default behavior moving forward.

Zoom - Blurred Background

Manually Change Blur

While in the middle of a meeting and trying to make a quick adjustment, you can access the Blur My Background option by clicking the up arrow by the video icon on the bottom of the meeting window.

If you have a checkmark next to this option, the background will be blurred. Otherwise uncheck this option, then you will not have a blurred background.

Wrap up

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