Firefox Turn Off Saving Password (Quick and Easy)

This guide will show you how to turn off the prompt in Firefox asking about saving your password when you fill out a form. We can do this for several reasons. The two main ones is because you use something else like LastPass to save your passwords, or you just don’t want your passwords saved in general.

As an example, this is what you might seeing in the top left of your screen after logging into a website.

Firefox Turn of Saving Password - Example

To turn this off first we will hit the hamburger menu in the top right of the browser. Then we will select Options with the gear icon to the left of it.

Firefox - Hamburger Menu - Options

On the left hand menu that comes up we will select the Privacy & Security option.

Firefox - Privacy and Security

On the right hand side look for the sub-heading of Logins and Passwords.

Firefox -  Logins and Passwords Enabled

Our final step is to uncheck the Ask to save logins and passwords for websites. Once you have un-selected this it will auto save.

Firefox Turn off saving password -  Logins and Passwords Disabled

As you can see it was easy to turn off saving your password in Firefox. This is something that I do with all my browsers since I rely on LastPass for my password management. What are your preferences for saving, or not saving passwords? Drop a comment below and get the conversation started!

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