Enable Dark Mode iPhone | Toggle Light and Dark

In this tutorial, I will show you how to enable dark mode on your iPhone. You can also use this tutorial to toggle between light and dark mode. I prefer to have dark mode set on my phone to save battery life. In my opinion, I also find it easier on the eyes as well.

Enable Dark Mode Steps

To start, you need to find the settings app on your iPhone. It is grey with a gear icon in the middle. You can see this pointed out in the image below. The location of the settings app will vary from phone to phone depending on where you have placed it. You can always search for Settings in the main iPhone search by pulling down on the screen.

iPhone iOS - Settings App

In this section, we have all of the different settings that can be customized on the iPhone. We will scroll down to the Display & Brightness options and tap on it.

iPhone iOS - Settings - Display & Brightness

From here you will see the APPEARANCE section that you can use to switch between Light and Dark mode. Once you tap on your preferred appearance you will see that option take place immediately.

iPhone iOS - Light Mode
iPhone iOS - Dark Mode

What is the auto appearance option?

You can also toggle the Automatic option. This will toggle the light mode on after sunrise, then toggle dark mode after sunset.

Wrap up

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Remember that by using these instructions you can change the appearance at any time. It has been made very easy if you prefer to adjust on an as-needed basis. Or simply if you want to test out one appearance vs the other. You can easily switch back if you do not like the new appearance.

As you can see it was easy to enable dark mode on the iPhone. What appearance mode do you prefer and why? Drop a comment down below to get the conversation going!

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