Edge Disable Download Prompt

This guide will show you how to disable the download prompt in Microsoft Edge. In a lot of cases we do not want to choose where each file is saved. By going into the settings, we can set a default, like your Downloads folder so you do not need to choose each time. This makes the download process much smoother. Especially if you are downloading multiple files. It wouldn’t be fun interacting with the download prompt each time.

First we are going to navigate to the top right corner and select the triple dots (...) to access the menu. This is outline in the top right of the image below. Then we will go down to the Settings option and click on that.

Next we are going to scroll to the Downloads section. We will change the “Ask me what to do with each download” option so that it is in the Off position.

Microsoft Edge - Settings - Ask Me What To Do With Each Download

Now moving forward your files will always download to the “Choose where to save” location that is shown directly above this option. For me, you can see it goes to my user profiles “Downloads” folder. You can change this by clicking the “Change” button, then selecting the new location in the window that pops up. This is a complete preference option and should be set to where you prefer.

As you can see it was easy to disable the download prompt in Microsoft Edge. Where do you like to save your files? Comment below to get the conversation started!

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