Edge Change Download Folder (From Default)

This guide will show you how to change the default download folder in Microsoft Edge. In this example I will be changing my download folder to my Desktop. This is a place that is easily accessible to retrieve my downloaded files. Remember that you can follow these steps anytime you want to change the default location of where your download will go.

To start, on the top right hand side, click on the triple dots to access the main menu. From there select Settings with the gear icon to the left of it.

Microsoft Edge - Main Menu

On the settings menu we will want to select the Downloads option on the left hand side. This will load the settings related to downloading in the pane to the right.

Microsoft Edge - Settings Menu

Now that we are at the download options, looks for the subheading Location and then click on the Change button. This will be what changes the default download location for us.

Microsoft Edge - Download Setting

In the explorer window that opens up, navigate and select the folder where you would like your downloads to go by default. For me, you can see I chose the Downloads folder from the easy access menu. You can also navigate to the folder from the main explorer window. Once you are happy with your selection, hit the Select Folder button.

Microsoft Edge - Change Download Folder

Now if we look back at the Location sub-heading you can see the Downloads folder is the new default location for saving files.

Microsoft Edge - Download Folder Changed

As you can see it was easy to change the default download folder in Microsoft Edge. Write a comment down below about where you like to save your downloads and why! Maybe you will help someone improve their workflow.

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