Command Line Change Title (Quick and Easy)

This guide will show you how to change the title in command line. This is EXTREMELY helpful when you have multiple processes or scripts running and you need to keep track of them. You can easily identify what is what by looking at the title of the CMD window. This is much easier then trying to read a fast outputting script to see what it is doing!

By default when you open up a command prompt window you will see something like this.

Command Line Default Title

To change the title of the command line window simply type Title followed by the text you would like to name the active command line window. In this example I used the command Title Digi-Dank. Below you can see the results of my title bar changing.

If you title each of your windows with something meaningful to what each of them are doing, you will always be able to easily identify the command window you are looking for.

What commands are you using in Windows Command Line? Drop a comment below and maybe someone might learn a cool new command. I have found the best way to learn new tricks is from the experience of the peers that surround us!

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