Command Line Change Opacity (Quick and Easy)

This guide will show you how to change the opacity in command line. What this will allow you to do is adjust how see through the application is. Some users might like to able to see all the way through the app and have it layered over another application. Essentially, this allows you to look at two programs at the same time, in the same space.

  1. Right click the Title Bar, then select Properties option. 
    Command Line Right Click Properties
  2. If not already selected, select the Colors tab.
    Command Line Properties Colors Tab
  3. In the Opacity section you can adjust the opacity from 30% -> 100%. At 100% you are not able to see through the application. At 30%, you can see through the application very easily.
    Command Line Opacity Setting
  4. Click the ok button when you are ready to save your changes. 
    Command Line OK Button

In this example you can see that I change the opacity to a low percentage in command line so that we can see my desktop background through it. You may need to play around with it and figure out what you prefer for this setting.

Command Line Low Opacity

What commands are you using in Windows Command Line? Drop a comment below and maybe someone might learn a cool new command. I have found the best way to learn new tricks is from the experience of the peers that surround us!

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