Chrome Change Download Folder (Google)

In this guide I will show you how to change the download folder on Google Chrome. This is very helpful when you are trying to organize your downloads and have ease of access. I do a lot of software testing and when switching between my various virtual machines and download test data I like to have everything saved to my desktop. Let me show you how this is done below!

First we are going to click on the triple dots in the upper right hand corner and select the Settings option.

Chrome - Triple Dots - Settings

On the left hand side click the down arrow to the right of the Advanced header to expands additional settings.

Chrome - Settings - Advanced

Now you should see the Downloads option on the left hand side. Select this so that we are able to see the settings available in the main panel to the right.

Chrome - Advanced Settings - Downloads

Under the Downloads header look for the Location setting and select the Change button. This is going to select the new location that we want our downloads to be saved to. With the popup explorer, select you new download folder location.

Chrome - Downloads Folder

Once you have saved your new download location you will be able to the setting was change correctly by looking at the Location value again.

Chrome - Downloads on Desktop

As you can see it is easy to change the download folder in google chrome. What is your favorite place to store your downloads? Place a comment below and maybe it will give someone a better workflow while downloading files!

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