Change Default Search Engine in Brave iOS

In this guide, I will show you how to change your default search engine in the Brave iOS mobile internet browser. If you are not very familiar with Brave, it is worth a few minutes of research. Their browser is privacy first that rewards BAT tokens for seeing ads on the browser. It also allows you to tip the websites that you visit most frequently each month or an on-demand tip. The goal is that big companies like google are not getting all the money. Instead, it’s a combination of Brave, the users on the platform, and the content creators that are being visited most.

In the image below you can see that I started a search in the URL bar, and it conducted my search in the Brave search engine. While Brave does a good job with their search results, I am a software engineer by day, and Google does it better than anyone else for the questions that I am asking.

Brave iOS - Brave Search Results

Change Default Search Engine

Start by hitting the triple dots in the bottom right of the browser.

Brave iOS - Tripple Dots

Next we will select the Settings option. Its also worth poking around this area to see what other things you can do to customize your browser.

Brave iOS - Browser Menu

Now, select the Search Engines options.

Brave iOS - Settings

Now you can pick the default search engine that you would like your mobile browser to use. You can even make it different based on if it is a Standard Tab or Private Tab. For myself, you can see the before and after below where I switched my Search engine from Brave to Google for both options.

Brave iOS - Settings - Search - Brave
Brave iOS - Settings - Search - Google

I will go ahead and give this a test search by putting my search in the URL bar. As a result, we see that my search was conducted on Google now.

Brave iOS - Google Search Results

Wrap up

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As you can see it is very easy to change this option. If you just aren’t sure which browser you want to use, you can easily change the settings until you make up your mind. I choose Google because of how well they do for finding answers to my engineering questions. What is your favorite search engine? Drop a comment down below to get the conversation going!

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