Atom Toggle Project Pane

In this article we will show you how to toggle the project pane in Atom. Toggling this project pane will help save some prime screen real-estate while coding.

Below is an example of what the project pane looks like. We can see that it is taking up about one third of the screen. While this is convenient for navigating the project, it is not something that I prefer to have showing all the time.

After hiding the project pane you can see what it will look like below. Look how much more room there is for viewing code! I love it!

Hiding the project pane can be done in three ways. Check them out below.

  1. You can hit the arrow. Just hover towards the middle dividing line of the project pane and click. I have outlined it below, sometimes it can be hard to see. In the image below it has been collapsed already.
    Atom - Project Panel Expand Arrow
  2. You can hit CTRL + \ . This will collapse if open, and uncollapse if the pane is already closed. Super easy if you can remember it.
  3. In the main menu select. View > Toggle Tree View. While the newer version shows different shortcuts, the old ones still work in point 2.
    Atom - View - Toggle Tree View

As you can see it is easy to toggle the project pane in atom from open to closed. It really does save some screen space. With the multiple ways to toggle it, there is no reason to not take advantage!

What would you like to learn about Atom next? This application has so many features that we could write articles for days! Especially if we were to dive into the plugins! Let me know in the comments below.

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