Atom Start in Safe Mode (Disable all ad-ons)

This guide will show you how to start Atom in safe mode. This is really useful when you are having issues with the application and are trying to isolate what might be causing the issue. Most likely it might be a plugin, or some sort of add on to the ide. Starting in safe mode is easy if you follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the windows icon, search cmd, then open the Command Prompt application.
    Open CMD
  2. Next we want to type in atom --safe and hit the enter key. This will open up Atom in safe mode. If your computer is slow, this make take a few to start opening.
    CMD- atom --safe
  3. You can verify that you are in safe mode by looking a the bottom left corner. You will see the green box that is half shaded. If you hover over it, you will see a notice like This window is in safe mode.
    Atom - Safe Mode Dialog

If you start Atom in safe mode and your issue goes away, it is most likely an ad-on that is causing the problem. The next step to debugging your issue might be starting back up without safe mode, then disabling / uninstalling the plugins one by one, until you isolate the culprit.

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