Atom Remove Vertical Line (Wrap Guide)

This guide will show you how to remove the vertical line in Atom. This line’s purpose it to guide you for when you should start wrapping your code line base on certain “standards”. For me this was something that was annoying and in my way. Removing it is very easy, we just need to disable a pre-installed plugin that comes with the standard install. In the image below you can see the vertical line in discussion.

Atom - Wrap Guide Verticle Line Gone
  1. To start we need to go to the main navigation menu and select File > Settings
    Atom - Navigation File Setting
  2. Now that the settings pane is open, select the Packages menu option on the left hand menu.
    Atom - Settings Packages
  3. This will load the packages list on the right hand side. Use the search bar and enter wrap. Under the Core Packages header you should see wrap-guide.
    Atom - Packages Wrap Guide
  4. On the wrap-guide package click the Disable button. (Don’t worry you can always re-enable in the future if you want to turn it back on)
    Atom - Packages Wrap Guide Disabled
  5. Now when you go back to one of your editing tabs, you will see that the vertical line is no longer present.
    Atom - Wrap Guide Verticle Line Gone

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