Atom Remove Plugin (Quick and Easy)

This guide will show you how to remove a plugin from Atom. This is quick and easy to do. If you want to reinstall the plugin you can do that later down the road as well. Another option could be to disable the plugin if you are looking for it to only be temporary. I will show you how to do that down below.

  1. Go to the main menu and select File > Settings .
    Atom - File - Settings
  2. On the menu that pops up select the Packages option.
    Atom - Settings - Packages
  3. Next you just need to find the package that you want to uninstall and hit the Uninstall button (The one with the trash can next to it boxed in red). If you rather temporarily stop using the plugin you can hit the Disable button (The one with the pause sign next to it boxed in blue).
    Atom - Uninstall - Disable - Plugin

As you can see it is really easy to remove a plugin from Atom. Something to keep in mind when installing plugins, is, do you really need it? Even though we like to trust the community, people do make malicious apps that once installed do bad things. This can be some sort of key logger, steal your code, or even be a delivery mechanism to pull down malware onto your machine. Just be careful and make sure to install plugins that you really need and trust the authors.

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