Atom Hide or Toggle Menu Bar (Quick and Easy)

This guide will show you how to hide or toggle the menu bar in Atom. This is a preference setting for most. Sometimes I like to hide the menu bar when I am trying to maximize my display on my old MacBook Air. Sometimes as small as this can make a huge difference will my older and smaller screen.

If at this point you are wondering “Menu Bar”? What are you talking about? You can see it boxed in red below.

Atom - Menu Bar Showing

And here you can see what it looks like when the menu bar is hidden. Definitely cleans up a little extra space for you. Which is huge on smaller screens.

Atom - Menu Bar Hidden
  1. To toggle the menu bar off, on the main menu, select View > Toggle Menu Bar.
    Atom - View - Toggle Menu Bar
  2. If you would like to bring the menu bar back, simply hit the Alt key to bring it back. This will only bring it back though for a brief amount of time.
  3. To make the menu bar stick permanently again, hit the Alt key to bring the menu back up, then View > Toggle Menu Bar and it will be fixed to the top again.

As you can see it was easy to hide or toggle the menu bar in Atom. Can’t hurt to give it a shot and see if it is something you enjoy or benefit from.

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