Atom Enable Line Wrapping (aka Soft Wrap)

This guide will show you how to enable line wrapping in Atom. Depending on the type of coder you are, you might want to enable line wrapping. For me, as I read code I like to see everything without having to scroll horizontally. So I always have line wrapping enabled in my IDE of choice.

Below we can see an example where we are trying to echo a very long string. It is so long in fact, that we can not see the entire line.

Atom Long String line wrap not enable

In order to turn on the line wrapping we are going to enable a feature called “Soft Wrap”. To do this, we will follow the steps below.

  • In the main menu select File > Settings
    Atom - File - Settings
  • In the new sub menu that pops up we will want to make sure that Editor is selected.
    Atom - Settings - Editor
  • Next we will click the toggle to enable the Soft Wrap functionality.
    Atom - Settings - Editor - Soft Wrap

As we can see in the image below, with the soft wrap enabled we can see the really long text string that I was trying to echo. When it reaches the edge it wraps down to the line below it. To be clear this is not splitting into a new line, it is just visually making it look this way. If we look closely at the line count we see line 14 and next we see . which means it is a continuation of a line above it. As a result, If it was a really long string we might see several lines with .

Atom Line Wrap Enable

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