Atom Change Font Size

This guide will show you how to change the font size in Atom. This is helpful if you would like the text to be larger and easier to read. Or if you would like it smaller so you can see more code in the display.

In the example below we can see what the editor looks like at a default font size of 12.

Atom - Default Font Size Example

Changing the default font size is quick and easy if you follow the instructions below. Remember if you do not like the new font size you can always change it back later.

  1. Navigate in the top menu to File > Settings.
    Atom - File - Settings
  2. On the left hand menu that appears, select Editor.
    Atom - Settings - Editor
  3. Navigate down in the right pain until you see Font Size heading like seen below.
    Atom - Default Font Size
  4. Set theFont Size to whatever you would like. I will set it to 25 in this example.
    Atom - Font Size 25

Below you can see the final result of changing the Font Size to 25. We can see how much larger the text is and that the top and bottom line now wrap because they take up so much more space.

Atom - 25Font Size Example

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5 thoughts on “Atom Change Font Size”

  1. How do we change the ‘tree’ font size? Not the ‘editor’ font size !

    • Hi Sergio,

      Thanks for asking. It depends on what font size you are trying to change. If you are trying to just increase the font size for all of the “tree-view” you could add this to your stylesheet. Just adjust the font-size to match what you are looking for.


      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. I can change editor font size, settings font size, bur Atom menu text never change size. How to do that?

    • The menu is a little harder to do customization to. I am looking into make a video on this in the neat future.

  3. Hi!

    This article was very helpful for me.

    The “style sheet” is in the next menu option: Edit–>Stylesheet



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