Atom Change Font Size of Find and Replace

This guide will show you how to change the font size of find and replace in Atom. This is definitely a preference feature. You could make it small to get it out of your way, or larger to help see what you are searching for.

  1. On the main menu, navigate to File > Stylesheet
    Atom - File Stylessheet
  2. Next at the bottom of the style sheet, we are going to enter this code. Essentialy we are targeting the find and replace element, and changing the font size associated with it. Here we are increasing to 225%. Once you have made these changes, save the file.

    // Change the font size for find and replace
  3. Now you can see the find and replace is much larger! It might be hard to tell from this image, but you can compare to the text above.
    Atom - Find and Replace 225Percent
  4. If you want to change it back to normal, you can set the font-size to 100% or you can remove the code. Once you save it will be back to normal.
    Atom - Find and Replace 100Percent

As you can see it was easy to change the font size of find and replace in atom. Let me know in the comments below if you found this type of tutorial helpful!

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