About Digi-Dank.com

About Digi-Dank.com, this is a place where I try to write simple but informative articles on how to do things that are computer or tech related. It is my goal that when someone comes to Digi-Dank.com they are able to learn something new easily.

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Digi-Dank.com Logo

Growing up, friends and family have always asked me for help when it came to computers. This is my solution to continue helping others as well. I look forward to your feedback so that I am able to continue improving upon my skills to help others learn technology.

I am pairing this blog with a youtube channel so that we have some quick and to the point videos to go with the write ups. This way if you are more of a visual learner, I will have that material available for you as well.

If there is a program that you would like to learn more about on the Digi-Dank.com blog please reach out using the Contact Page.